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Rose Gold picnic table

Picnic Tables

The picnic tables are beautiful setups that can seat up to 18 people.


The tables can be set up outside in milder weather, or indoors for a tea party, play date or romantic couples evening for an anniversary or special birthday celebration.  We can accommodate almost any theme.


Perfect for weddings, baby showers, hen parties, tea parties, birthdays and play dates.

Solo picnic table (seats up to 6) £100

Two picnic tables (seats up to 12) £150

Three picnic tables (seats up to 18) £200

Picnic table hire in addition to a bell tent or indoor teepee setup £50 per table

Package includes:

Low level fully decorated picnic table(s)

Scatter cushions




Cups or glasses

Rugs and mats

Decorated table frames

Large wigwam (optional)

Party food not included (please see our Party Extras page for food options)

Unicorn Dreams Picnic Table
Woodland Walk Picnic Table
White & Gold Picnic Table
Baby Shower Picnic Table
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