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Couples wedding bell tent

Wedding Bell

Our Wedding bells can be furnished for the bride and groom, or a lounge area for you and your guests to have some time out and relax.

Couples / Wedding Bell - £300 (two nights £450)

Package includes:

Luxury double air bed

Double duvet


Side tables

Table for two

LED lighting

Wine glasses and a complimentary bottle of bubbly

Rugs and mats


Scatter cushions

Lounge Bell - £300 (two nights £450)

Package includes:

Soft seating

Rugs and mats





Wedding Corner

Our gorgeous wedding corner has been designed with children in mind.
This set up has lots of activities to keep the little ones occupied.  Each set up includes colouring books and pencils, dressing up, toys and games, books, and plenty of space with cushions and soft seating to chill out, relax and play.


Wedding Lounge Bell
Children's wedding corner
Lounge Bell
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