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Pixie Bell

Pixie Bell

Here is our wonderful Pixie Bell. This lovely little bell is suitable as an additional extra to your bell tent and picnic set ups. If you have a bell tent booked for your children but don't want them to sleep in the garden with their friends alone, you can add our Pixie Bell and sleep out with them.  Suitable for up to two people sleeping.

Alternatively, the Pixie Bell can be used as a small chill out tent at an outdoor picnic party, or for the picnic party itself! 

The Pixie Bell is available between 1st May and 31st August 2021


£100 - day hire, fully styled in the theme of your choice 

£85 - add on with a picnic table or bell tent, fully styled in the theme of your choice

Pixie Bell
Pixie Bell
Woodland Walk Pixie Bel
Pixie Bell Tent - Boho
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